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BARTON chart recorders are renowned for the accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure, differential pressure (DP), and temperature. Their fully mechanical operation is independent of external utilities that facilitates a low installation cost or portability.

General Tech Services is the authorised distributor for Barton in UAE and other GCC countries. 

Model 202E
    Our genuine Model 202E differential pressure chart recorder is a 12" chart recorder thatis available in one- to three-pen configurations (DP plus two additional temperature or pressure pens) The DP pen is actuated by a BARTON 199 DPU, with features such as over-range protection and pulsation dampening for stable calibrations even under extreme variations in line pressure and ambient temperature. Optional NACE material selections are offered. Model 242E The BARTON 242E is a 12" chart temperature and pressure recorder offered in one- to four-pen configurations. 

The standard temperature system in all Barton Chart Recorders comprises of a factory sealed sensing system that uses a non-toxic fill fluid that converts temperature to mechanical motion. Each temperature recording pen includes a built-in correction for ambient temperature influences. The sensing system is offered in various lengths to support remote mounting of the recorder.

Model 242E

 The BARTON 242E is a 12 chart temperature and pressure recorder offered in one- to four-pen configurations.1st Pen: Red - wide Pressure Ranges, 2nd Pen: Blue- wide Temperature Range, Mechanical Chart Drive. In addition, DP models utilize BARTON rupture-proof bellows DPU as the actuating unit – and DP models have features like overrange protection and pulsation dampening (on some models).

Model 202N (DP) (NACE)

  The 202N is a 12” chart recorder designed to measure flow, static pressure and temperature in sour gas applications. The 202N meets all NACE requirements for H2S environments, per MR-01-75 (1991 Revision) – SWP up to 2000 psi (138 bar). For ranges between 2000 psi (138 bar) and 4500 psi (310 bar), see optional NACE version of M202E. The 202N is actuated by BARTON’s M199 NACE DPU. Static pressure measurements are provided by precision wound K-monel helical-type elements.

Model J8A (Temperature/Pressure)

  The J8A is a compact 8” chart temperature and pressure recorder designed for general pressure applications. Available as a single or dual pen unit, it can use any combination of pressure measuring helical elements or temperature measuring thermal systems.

BARTON Series 7000 Liquid Turbine Meter

   BARTON 7000 line generator meters are suitable for a wide variety of accurate applications for liquid measurement. The integrated collection presents a range of dimensions, equipment, structures and options, based on over 40 years of expertise in engine production. The standard screening of 8 flow prices is carried out equally throughout the flow range and 2 repeatable levels. The linearity of the meter means that the median of all inputs is not exceeded by a linear meter data point. To ensure precise processing in a direct tube frame the turbine meter, which runs upstream on a minimum of 10 diameters and upstream on five diameters should be installed.The Barton 7000 series flow meter is designed specifically for many precise measuring applications. You can handle large flow volumes and act as an independent design with lower stress drops, with long-lasting accuracy than other metres. Their digital high frequency manufacturing is ideal for digital reader interfaces. The symmetrical double-way structure in the Series 7000 supports reverse flow tasks without decreasing precision or flow capacity.The fluid moves through the diffuser and is extended to a hydrodynamically controlled multi-blade turbine rotor. The speed of the rotor is commensurate with the flow rate. The pick-up reticence reads the motions of each tip while the rotor rotates and generates a sinus wave signal with a flow rate equivalent.The Barton Turbine Flow Meter is the only moving part of the rotor. The small, lightweight rotor hubs guarantee a quick response to system flow changes. The rotor is hydraulically maintained and the mechanical thrust leveling in practice is eliminated.