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Caldon Ultrasonic Flow Meter Saudi Arabia


Caldon Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The portfolio of CALDON LEFM Ultrasonic Flow Meters, supported by more than 50 years of experience and a history of technological firsts, combines experience, innovation, and tried-and-true technology into the industry's most comprehensive offering of custody transfer, financial, check metering, and leak detection innovations.

High-viscosity crude oils and LNG are two of the applications that the CALDON LEFM Flow Meters can handle. The industry standard for liquid flow meters is CALDON LEFM. Sensia has the most comprehensive capability to meet all customer application and service demands by using knowledge from one of the most cutting-edge liquid hydrocarbon calibration laboratories.



  • Compliance with API MPMS Chapter 5.8, International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) Recommendation R 117-1 Class 0.3, Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2004/22/EC, and NACE MR0175
  • Four- and eight-path chordal designs for optimal linearity and repeatability
  • Industry-leading eight-path chordal design with immunity to swirl and asymmetry effects at 5D upstream and no requirement for flow conditioner, which reduces total cost of ownership
  • Advanced signal processing with real-time diagnostic analysis, including best-in-class update rate
  • Reduced nozzle design that delivers unparalleled accuracy and flow profile stability for high-viscosity, low–Reynolds number applications
  • Four- and eight-path designs for cryogenic applications that require custody transfer and allocation performance
  • Transducers that are isolated from the process, providing a safety barrier if service is required
  • No recalibration or zeroing required if transducer is replaced
  • Superior transducer quality with no drift
  • Internal resistance temperature detector (RTD) for thermal expansion compensation
  • Continuous logging capabilities
  • Optional corrosion- and contamination-resistant internal coating