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Cromwell has been established for over 50 years and is a supplier of industrial tools. They offer an unrivaled choice of products to all industries, professions, and trades. They are famous for Safety, Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, and Power Tools and Abrasives.

         Cromwell, is one of the world’s largest industrial supplies providers. With products being broadly categorized into hand tools, lubricants and fasteners, precision instruments, safety, and janitorial equipment, Cromwell has it all. Supplying the largest range available from a single source, including products from Welding and Site Maintenance to Office Supplies and Hygiene and more. Having over £50 Million in stock, all items can be delivered within a week or as per requirement. General tech is the only authorized distributor for Cromwell in UAE and Saudi Arabia.


  • Hand tools
    • Gardening tools
    • Contractors tools
    • Carpenter tools
    • Joiners
    • Spanners
    • Wrenches
    • Pliers
    • Grips
    • Non-Sparking Tools
  • Cutting tools
    • Hole Making tools
    • Milling tools
    • Turning tools
    • Threading tools
    • Precision boring tools
  • Storage and handling equipment
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Power tools
    • Cordless power tools
    • Corded power tools
    • Consumables and accessories of power tools
    • Static Power tools and machinery
    • Air tools
  • Personal Protection and clothing
    • Clothing & Workwear
    • Head & Face Protection
    • Safety Footwear
    • Respiratory Protection 
    • Safety Hearing Protection
  • Measuring and test equipment
    • Electrical Testing Equipment
    • Linear Measurement Equipment
    • Environment Gauges
    • Optical Equipment
    • Surface & Hardness Testers
  • Abrasives
    • Sanding tools
    • Finishing tools
    • Polishing tools
    • Filing tools
    • Cutting discs
    • Grinding discs
    • Descaling tools
  • Lubricants and chemicals
    • Greases
    • Lubricants
    • Oils
    • Marker paints and pens
    • Cutting fluids
    • Cutting compounds
    • Coolants
  • Cleaning and hygiene 
    • Cleaning products
    • Cleaning machines