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Demeq that in English stands for "Digital Electronic Measuring Equipment", was open for business in October of 2010. With 15+ years of experience in the field of NDT developing and manufacturing portable instruments we now offer a complete line of portable instruments that are exported to over 15 countries.


DMQ QB Series hall effect thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of plastic, glass and aluminum containers and cans, all types of rubbers, composite as well as laminate materials and any other non-ferrous metal or material even of complex shapes and forms. DMQ QS Series thickness gauges are used to measure the wall thickness of materials and parts even where you can access only one side of the wall. Measure metals subject to corrosion and wear (with and without coatings), as well as plastics, ceramics and glass among other materials. DMQ QH Series hardness testers are used to measure the hardness of raw metals and metal parts. Take the unit with you to test incoming materials, classify and identify parts in stock, test large or heavy parts, measure in hard to reach areas and test parts in manufacturing.