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MTE Corporation

Milwaukee Transformer Co., Transformer Design Inc., and Milwaukee Electronics Corp., businesses that specialized in various areas of magnetics and transformer designs and were well-established in their respective sectors, were combined to become MTE Corporation in 1982.

With its distinct AC reactor design and skill in passive filters, MTE jumped into a leadership position in power quality. With cutting-edge Harmonic Filters, Motor Protection Filters, and Sinewave Filters, MTE Corporation has maintained their position as a global leader.


To boost output and system effectiveness, MTE provides a variety of harmonic mitigation options, including the greatest THID reduction option on the market with proprietary Adaptive Passive Technology.

MTE offers a family of reactors that enhance productivity by reducing nuisance tripping, lowering harmonic distortion and minimizing long lead effects.

Downtime in any operation comes at a cost. Damage to motor windings and premature motor insulation failure can result in lost revenue and safety concerns. MTE’s newest dV/dt motor protection filter, dV E-Series, will ensure your operation remains running smoothly. This filter delivers premium motor protection, extends cable life, and is backed by MTE’s industry-leading Performance Guarantee.

Compared to the competition, the dV E-Series offers similar electrical performance, is drop-in compatible, and offers a more compact and optimized design.