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Pi Tape Texas, LLC is the world leader in specialized precision measuring tape solutions for unique applications. In addition to an unparalleled range of stock instruments, Pi Tape Texas, LLC VP, continues to work with innovators and talented engineers to develop specialized diameter measuring tapes and custom measuring tools that enable progressive firms to accomplish their design and manufacturing goals.

PI tape manufactures OD (outer diameter) and ID (inner diameter) tapes, Go/ No- Go tapes, linear rules, circumference tapes, and O-ring tapes. In addition to the standard offerings, PI tape corporation also constructs tapes with customized length and width to suit your requirement. Each PI tape supplied comes with a calibration certificate that is traceable to NIST standards. General tech is the authorized distributor for PI tape in UAE and Saudi Arabia.




  • Precision Digital Outside Diameter/Circumference Tapes
  • Precision Digital Linear Tapes
  • Precision Outside Diameter Tapes
  • Precision Inside Diameter Tapes
  • Custom Made Wide Tapes
  • Precision O-Ring Inside Diameter Tapes
  • Extended Range Outside Diameter Tapes
  • Precision Outside Circumference Tapes
  • Precision Linear Rule With Vernier Scale
  • Custom Made Go/No-Go Tapes
  • Custom Made Belt Tapes