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Raytek offers an excellent selection of quality products while providing reliable service and competitive prices.

Founded in 1963, Raytek has grown its expertise in the manufacturing of temperature measurement instruments designed for process control, industrial and maintenance applications.

With product offering including:

  • Fixed thermal imagers
    • Comes in two ranges-40 to 500°C (-40 to 932ºF) and 200 to 2000°C (392 to 3632ºF).
  • Fixed infrared sensors
    • Sensors for applications with temperatures of -40 to 3000ºC / -40 to 5432ºF
  • Infrared line scanners
    • Real-time imaging of processes covering temperatures 20 to 1200°C
  • Infrared process imaging systems
    • Products designed for usage in glass manufacturing, rotating kiln shells, extrusion systems and thermoforming systems
  • Portable infrared thermometers
    • Covering temperatures between 400–3000°C


  • MT Series Portable IR Thermometers
  • ST Series Automotive Handheld
  • 3I PLUS Series High Temperature IR Thermometers
  • ST Series Industrial IR Thermometers
  • CI Series Compact Infrared Sensors
  • CM Series Compact Infrared Sensors
  • GP Series Infrared Systems
  • MI3 Series Digital Pyrometers
  • Thermalert 4.0 Series Infrared Sensors


Raytek has a solution for all your temperature requirements and monitoring applications. General tech services is the authorized distributor for Raytek in UAE.