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Tschorn GmbH in Urbach is specialized in the manufacturing of high-class measuring and clamping equipment for the cutting industry. They manufacture products for zero point determination, workpiece clamping, tool clamping, and tool measuring. Innovations and product optimizations originate in our company.

We manufacture our products on precise and modern machine centers. We ensure quality on 3D-measuring machines in an air-conditioned test laboratory. In 2014, our quality management system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. We are focussing on Industry 4.0: the automation of the probing through the communication of our devices with the machines is a top priority in our development.




  • TSCHORN 4.0
    • TSCHORN 4.0 - complete system
    • System edge finder 3D - TSCHORN 4.0
    • System zero setter - TSCHORN 4.0
    • TSCHORN 4.0 accessories
  • Clamping tools
    • Assembly system
    • Assembly device
    • Saw blade holders
    • CNC-die holders
    • Clamping bolts
    • 5D-Workpiece stopper
    • EasyMag & FlexiMag - Workpiece stopper
    • Bar gripper
    • Clamping extensions
  • 3D Tester
    • 3D Tester SLIMplus V2
    • 3D Tester SLIMplus V2 BLACK
    • 3D Tester plus
    • 3D Tester DREHplus
    • Probe tip Ø56
    • 3D Tester SAVEplus
  • Tools
    • NOGA measuring arms
    • Saw blades
    • Precision dies
    • pairee collet chucks
    • Piranha centering vise
    • Yih Troun countersinks and center drills
  • Measuring tools
    • Mechanical edge finders
    • Mechanical edge finders TschornEco
    • Laser finder
    • Optical edge finders 2D
    • Edge finders 2D LED TschornEco
    • Optical edge finders 3D
    • 3D precision probe
    • Acoustic edge finders 2D & 3D
    • Mechanical zero setters
    • Mechanical zero setters TschornEco
    • Optical zero setters
    • Mechanical zero setters for micro tools
    • Optical zero setters turning
    • CENTREplus V2 coaxial indicator