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Western Instruments is a US manufacturer of three basic Product Lines: Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment, Corrosion Pit Depth Gauges (Gages) and Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Manufacturers of Welded Tube and Pipe.

The company manufactures Portable Magnetic Particle (MPI) Inspection Equipment, which includes Yokes, Coils, and Accessories. W-Series Products are used to inspect Ferromagnetic Materials for Near and Surface Breaking Defects. Defects include; Cracks (Weld, Stress, Fatigue, etc.); Manufacturing Defects (Scabs and Slivers; etc.) Portable MPI Equipment has uses in virtually all types of Heavy and Medium Industries, but enjoys it’s greatest popularity in: Petro-Chemical, Oil and Gas (Refining, Production, and Drilling), Pressure Equipment (Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Steam Generation, etc.), Steel (Primary, Secondary, and Fabrication), Automotive/Mobile Equipment (Manufacturing, Rebuilding, Maintenance), and Aircraft (Manufacturing and Maintenance).

Western’s Pit Gauge Product Line was introduced to the market in 1995, with original innovative designs and the latest, the Tri-Gauge®, being the most simple. Pit Gauges are used extensively by Corrosion Inspectors in the Oil/Gas, Petrochemical, and Steel Industries. Our Dial Indicators are available in Metric, Imperial, and Digital versions so different industries or different areas of the World can use them. Our Dial Indicator is the only one of its type in the World and was developed specifically for Pit Measurement.