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Leroy Somer

Leroy Somer

Leroy Somer- part of Nidec Industrial automation is a French company established in 1919. It is now the world specialist in industrial alternators and drive systems. With offices around the world they have designed their operations to be much more de-centralised to provide a swift response to the various markets.

Leroy Somer alternators can be categorised into two main segments -Industrial range, Low & medium Voltage, 4 & 6 pole, 50 & 60Hz, from 5 kW to 3.6 MW and the Customized (design to order) range, Low, Medium and High Voltage, 4 to 24 pole, 50 or 60hz, from 5 MW to 25 MW. While the Industrial range is designed for usage in gensets driven by diesel/ gas engines, Customized range are usually used in power plants. In addition to stationary power plants, they are also used in other fields such as nuclear, marine, oil & gas, etc.

Other main products of Leroy Somer include

  • DC motors from 0.18 to 750 kW used in applications requiring variable speed operation and deliver constant torque at low or high speed.
  • Single phase induction motors relay or permanent capacitor - 0.06 to 5.5 kW
  • Safety induction motors for ATEX gas or dust potentially explosive atmospheres – 0.18 to 675 kW
  • Safety induction motors for smoke extraction – 0.55 to 500 kW
  • Three-phase induction motors for operation with frequency inverter, air cooling or liquid cooling – 0.18 to 1500 kW
  • Three-phase induction motors IE1, IE2, IE3 efficiency, Aluminum or cast iron frame IP 55 or IP 23 - 0.045 to 900 kW
  • Asynchronous motors with electrical or mechanical adaptation to specific applications - 0.09 up to 1000 kW
  • Leroy-Somer brake induction motors from 0.06 to 160 kW
  • Gearless motors
  • AVR's

General tech services is the authorised distributor for Leroy Somer motors, alternators and spares. In addition to the fast moving items being in stock, we also keep stock of AVR's (Automatic Voltage Regulator's) such as R230, R250, R438, R450.

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