Raytek RAYR3I - Portable IR Thermometer 1292 to 5432F  (700 to 3000°C)
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Brand : Raytek Raytek
Part Number : RAYR3IPLUS1ML
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Designed to meet process performance requirements in many industrial applications, including highly demanding hot environments in primary and secondary metal processing, as well as petrochemical and power plant operations.

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  • Dual laser technology for precise measurement of smaller targets, the measurement spot is indicated at the point where the two lasers converge
  • Superior 250:1 distance to spot size ratio allows users to measure extremely high temperature targets from longer distances, ensuring accurate temperature readings and operator safety
  • Current temperature plus MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG temperatures
  • Audible/visual alarms for target temperature, ambient temperature, and low battery
  • Compensates for energy reflected by the background around your target so it doesn't affect your reading
  • Adjustable emissivity and predefined emissivity table Transmissivity & Background temperature compensation
  • User selectable °C or °F
  • Profile definition to convenient measurement
  • Curve to display trend with selectable time span
  • Locking trigger and tripod mount allow for continuous operation
  • Data storage: up to 4,900 units with location, date, and time stamp
  • Lithium-ion battery, charged with or without unit
  • Special material for 120°C (248°F) high temperature
  • Warning system to prevent high temperature damage
  • USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 for fast and easy data transfer to PC or smartphone
  • Documenting personal computer (PC) software
Specifications Details
Part No.
Temperature Range
700 to 3000ºC (1292 to 5432ºF)
Below 1000ºC: 0.1ºC
±(0.5% of reading +1ºC) (<2700ºC/4892ºF)
±(0.3% or reading ±1ºC)
Adjustable, 0.10~1.00
Optical Resolution
250:1 (Distance to Spot Size)
Spectral Response
Response Time
40 mSec

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