Raytek RAYMMMTSSF1L Infrared Temperature Sensor, 3.9 µm, Standard Focus, 250 to 1100°C (482 to 2012°F)
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Brand : Raytek Raytek
Part Number : RAYMMMTSSF1L
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MM Series thermometers provide a complete solution for non-contact, real-time temperature monitoring, with integrated through-the-lens sighting, as well as available simultaneous real-time video monitoring with automated image recording and precision focusable optics.

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  • Wide temperature range from 250 to 1100°C (482 to 2012°F)
  • Optical resolution up to 70:1
  • Spot sizes down to 1.1mm (0.04")
  • Precision variable focus optics from 0.2 to 2.2m (0.7" to 72 ft) allows fast, easy and accurate adjustment of the focus of measurement targets
  • Sensors with variable focus option can be configured according to each application requirements reducing the installation time and chance for incorrect installation
  • Fast response time down to 120 ms
  • Real time video monitoring and recording capability
  • Through-the-lens sighting with video or laser aiming help pinpoint the measurement target
  • Digital RS485 communications (networkable)
  • Real time ambient background radiation compensation
  • Simultaneous analogue and digital outputs
  • Programmable relay output
  • Ambient temperatures to 315°C (600°F) with ThermoJacket™
  • Compact, rugged design, IP65 / NEMA-4 rated
  • DataTemp® Multidrop software for remote configuration and monitoring
Specifications Details
Part No.
Temperature Range
250 to 1100°C (482 to 2012°F)
0.1 K
±1% of reading for Tmeas > 350°C (662°F), ±2°C or ±2% for Tmeas < 350°C (662°F)
± 0.5% of reading or ±0.5°C
Response Time
120 ms (95%)
Spectral Response
3.9 μm
Optical Resolution
0.100 to 1.150 in 0.001 increments
Signal Processing
Peak hold, valley hold, averaging, ambient background temperature compensation
0/4–20 mA; RS-485, 2-wire/4-wire, networkable to 32 sensors; Relay (SPST 48V, 300 mA, response time < 2 mSec; Video: analog, NTSC, 510x492 pixel, FOV 8°
Power Supply
24 VDC, 500 mA, ±20%

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