Cameron 7000 Series
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Cameron BARTON® 7000 series turbines are designed for a broad range of precise liquid measurement applications. Based on 35 years of turbine manufacturing, this built-to-order series features a range of sizes, materials, bearing systems and options.

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  • Linearity — Better than ± 1% of reading over linear flow range of fractional size meters. Better than ± 0.25% of reading over linear flow range of meters 1’’ size and above
  • Repeatability — ± 0.02% of reading.
  • Compact and efficient — Compared to other metering techniques, BARTON turbine meters are able to handle a larger flowrate in a smaller meter and with a lower pressure drop. With the use of reduced diameter block valves and meter runs, substantial installed cost savings are achieved.
  • Self-flushing design — longer sustained accuracy.
  • High frequency digital output — easy interface with digital equipment
  • Wide rangeability — eliminates parallel runs and the cost of extra valves and strainers.
  • Symmetrical Bi-directional Design — Ideal for reverse flow applications, accuracy and flow capacities are the same in either direction. Electronic options provide instantaneous flow direction sensing.
  • Wide Temperature & Pressure Ranges — measurement options for hot hydrocarbon to cryogenic applications.
  • High Quality Bearings — wear resistant tungsten carbide sleeve bearings standard on 71xx/73xx meters and self-lubricating, precision stainless steel bearings (dry lubricant impregnated ball separators on 72xx meters).
  • Low mass design — The small lightweight rotor hubs both ensure fast response to process flow changes and reduced bearing load and wear. For meters above two inches (50 mm), the hub is either hollow or indented to further reduce the rotating mass
  • Low Maintenance — True fluid thrust design hydrodynamically balances the rotor during operation. This unique design eliminates the need for mechanical thrust leveling. This low friction design both improves metering linearity and reduces wear and maintenance.
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