Unparalleled Quality and Expertise

At BROOK AL-KHALEEJ, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality and expertise in industrial tools. As authorized distributors of renowned brands like Torqueleader, Mitutoyo, Hioki, and more, we guarantee genuine, top-tier products that meet the highest standards in the industry. From torque wrenches to gas detectors, our comprehensive range ensures you have access to the tools you need to succeed.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support

Our commitment goes beyond sales. At BROOK AL-KHALEEJ, we provide expert after-sales services, including repairs and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs). You can rely on us to keep your equipment in optimal condition, ensuring maximum productivity and longevity for your investments. With our dedicated team, your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Explore What we're offering

The company serves as authorized distributors for reputable brands including Torqueleader, Mitutoyo, Hioki, Leroy Somer, Tempsens, Defelsko, WIKA, Crowcon, Control Techniques, Varvel, and Cromwell.

Quality Services

As authorized distributors for renowned brands such as Torqueleader, Mitutoyo, Hioki, Leroy Somer, Tempsens, Defelsko, WIKA, Crowcon, Control Techniques, Varvel, and Cromwell, we take pride in delivering high-quality services to meet all your industrial needs.

Business Solution

Consider us your perfect business solution partner. With a diverse portfolio covering torque wrenches, calibrators, multipliers, measuring instruments, motors, gas detectors, variable frequency drives, and more, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your industrial requirements.

Huge Collection

Discover a vast collection of products that cater to various industrial applications. From precision tools like calipers, micrometers, and hardness testers to essential components such as thermocouples, pressure gauges, and gearboxes – we have it all.

Calibration Services Provided

Dimensional Calibration Services - Saudi Arabia Saudi

Dimensional Calibration Services - Saudi Arabia UAE

Dimensional Calibration Services - Saudi Arabia Dubai

Dimensional Calibration Services - Saudi Arabia Sharjah

Dimensional Calibration Services - Saudi Arabia Abu Dhabi

Dimensional Calibration Services - Saudi Arabia

Electrical Calibration Services Saudi Arabia Saudi

Electrical Calibration Services Saudi Arabia UAE

Electrical Calibration Services Saudi Arabia Dubai

Electrical Calibration Services Saudi Arabia Sharjah

Electrical Calibration Services Saudi Arabia Abu Dhabi

Electrical Calibration Services Saudi Arabia

Pressure Calibration Saudi

Pressure Calibration UAE

Pressure Calibration Dubai

Pressure Calibration Sharjah

Pressure Calibration Abu Dhabi

Pressure Calibration

Temperature Calibration Saudi

Temperature Calibration UAE

Temperature Calibration Dubai

Temperature Calibration Sharjah

Temperature Calibration Abu Dhabi

Temperature Calibration

Humidity Calibration Saudi

Humidity Calibration UAE

Humidity Calibration Dubai

Humidity Calibration Sharjah

Humidity Calibration Abu Dhabi

Humidity Calibration

Torque Calibration Saudi

Torque Calibration UAE

Torque Calibration Dubai

Torque Calibration Sharjah

Torque Calibration Abu Dhabi

Torque Calibration

Mass Calibration Saudi

Mass Calibration UAE

Mass Calibration Dubai

Mass Calibration Sharjah

Mass Calibration Abu Dhabi

Mass Calibration

Volumetric Calibration Saudi

Volumetric Calibration UAE

Volumetric Calibration Dubai

Volumetric Calibration Sharjah

Volumetric Calibration Abu Dhabi

Volumetric Calibration

Force Calibration Saudi

Force Calibration UAE

Force Calibration Dubai

Force Calibration Sharjah

Force Calibration Abu Dhabi

Force Calibration

Flow calibration Saudi

Flow calibration UAE

Flow calibration Dubai

Flow calibration Sharjah

Flow calibration Abu Dhabi

Flow calibration

Bio Medical Calibration Saudi

Bio Medical Calibration UAE

Bio Medical Calibration Dubai

Bio Medical Calibration Sharjah

Bio Medical Calibration Abu Dhabi

Bio Medical Calibration

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Brand Supplied

Mitutoyo Saudi

Mitutoyo UAE

Mitutoyo Dubai

Mitutoyo Sharjah

Mitutoyo Abu Dhabi

Kroeplin Saudi

Kroeplin UAE

Kroeplin Dubai

Kroeplin Sharjah

Kroeplin Abu Dhabi

Defelsko Saudi

Defelsko UAE

Defelsko Dubai

Defelsko Sharjah

Defelsko Abu Dhabi

WIKA Saudi


WIKA Dubai

WIKA Sharjah

WIKA Abu Dhabi

Mitcorp Saudi

Mitcorp UAE

Mitcorp Dubai

Mitcorp Sharjah

Mitcorp Abu Dhabi

Control_Techniques Saudi

Control_Techniques UAE

Control_Techniques Dubai

Control_Techniques Sharjah

Control_Techniques Abu Dhabi

ASCO Numatics Saudi

ASCO Numatics UAE

ASCO Numatics Dubai

ASCO Numatics Sharjah

ASCO Numatics Abu Dhabi

Leroy_Somer Saudi

Leroy_Somer UAE

Leroy_Somer Dubai

Leroy_Somer Sharjah

Leroy_Somer Abu Dhabi

Gedore_Torque Saudi

Gedore_Torque UAE

Gedore_Torque Dubai

Gedore_Torque Sharjah

Gedore_Torque Abu Dhabi

Rotronic Saudi

Rotronic UAE

Rotronic Dubai

Rotronic Sharjah

Rotronic Abu Dhabi

Brannan Saudi

Brannan UAE

Brannan Dubai

Brannan Sharjah

Brannan Abu Dhabi

Cromwell Saudi

Cromwell UAE

Cromwell Dubai

Cromwell Sharjah

Cromwell Abu Dhabi

Crowcon Saudi

Crowcon UAE

Crowcon Dubai

Crowcon Sharjah

Crowcon Abu Dhabi

Nabertherm Saudi

Nabertherm UAE

Nabertherm Dubai

Nabertherm Sharjah

Nabertherm Abu Dhabi

Pi_tape Saudi

Pi_tape UAE

Pi_tape Dubai

Pi_tape Sharjah

Pi_tape Abu Dhabi

Raytek Saudi

Raytek UAE

Raytek Dubai

Raytek Sharjah

Raytek Abu Dhabi

Varvel Saudi

Varvel UAE

Varvel Dubai

Varvel Sharjah

Varvel Abu Dhabi

Norbar Saudi

Norbar UAE

Norbar Dubai

Norbar Sharjah

Norbar Abu Dhabi

Vision_Engineering Saudi

Vision_Engineering UAE

Vision_Engineering Dubai

Vision_Engineering Sharjah

Vision_Engineering Abu Dhabi

Isotech Saudi

Isotech UAE

Isotech Dubai

Isotech Sharjah

Isotech Abu Dhabi

E_Instruments Saudi

E_Instruments UAE

E_Instruments Dubai

E_Instruments Sharjah

E_Instruments Abu Dhabi

REED_Instruments Saudi

REED_Instruments UAE

REED_Instruments Dubai

REED_Instruments Sharjah

REED_Instruments Abu Dhabi

BW_technologies Saudi

BW_technologies UAE

BW_technologies Dubai

BW_technologies Sharjah

BW_technologies Abu Dhabi

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